Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information (privacy policy)

At XDT, the following Basic Policies on the Protection of Personal Information are defined.
Careful attention is paid in order to protect a visitor's personal information.
When XDT of service and goods are purchased, or when it subscribes for the present campaign of this site, etc., it is regarded as that on which it has agreed with the privacy policy.
Please read the contents of this privacy policy carefully and understand.

The range of * personal information

"Personal information" is information about an individual.
A name, a birth date, an E-mail address, an address, a telephone number, a fax number, etc. which are contained in the information make personal information what can identify the individual.

Acquisition of * personal information

When you use some services, there is a case where I am allowed to collect personal information, such as a name, a birth date, an E-mail address, and an address.
These pieces of information is altogether collected by a lawful and fair means according to the following collection purpose.

The purpose of using * personal information

The indication and qualification to a third party of * personal information

At XDT, I do not disclose the personal information offered from the visitor for any third parties except for the case where it corresponds to following either.

Joint use of * individual data

At XDT, a visitor's personal information may be disclosed in the required range to an outsourcing place etc.
Telling that a visitor's name and an address are the indications of an outsourcing place etc. to the company etc. which entrusted distribution services, such as a delivered article, hits this.

About the safety control of * personal information

About management of a visitor's personal information, at XDT, a management representative is set and suitable management is performed.
It strives for the escape prevention to the exterior of personal information.
Rational and strict safety measures are taken against risks, such as loss by unjust access of personal information, destruction, an alteration, and disclosure.
Please keep in mind that it cannot take responsibility at our company about loss of the personal information which makes a cause the reason for which it should not impute responsibility to our company, destruction, an alteration, disclosure, etc.




「個人情報」とは個人に関する情報です。その情報に含まれる氏名、生年月日、E メールアドレス、住所、電話番号、ファックス番号など、その個人を識別できるものを個人情報とします。


いくつかのサービスをご利用いただく際に、氏名、生年月日、Email アドレス、住所等の個人情報を収集させていただく場合があります。これらの情報は、すべて下記の収集目的に従って、適法かつ公正な手段により収集されます。